Session in Memory of Professor Peter Claisse 

Professor Peter Claisse: A Legacy in Construction Materials


Early Years and Academic Journey: Born in December 1953, Professor Peter Arnold Claisse emerged as a luminary in the realm of construction materials and engineering. His academic odyssey began with a degree in Physics from the prestigious Oxford University, laying the groundwork for a lifelong dedication to scientific inquiry and innovation.


Early Career in Civil Engineering: Following his academic pursuits, Professor Claisse transitioned to the practical realm, spending nine formative years as a Civil Engineer on major UK construction sites. Notably, he dedicated four years to the Torness nuclear power station, where his skills and insights contributed to the realization of significant infrastructure projects.


PhD and Research at Leeds University: Driven by an insatiable curiosity, Professor Claisse pursued a Doctorate in Civil Engineering at Leeds University, focusing his research on Silica Fume in concrete. This period marked the beginning of his deep dive into the intricacies of construction materials and laid the foundation for his future contributions to the field.


AEA Technology Harwell Laboratory: His quest for knowledge led him to the AEA Technology Harwell laboratory, where he dedicated three years to researching nuclear waste containment. Professor Claisse's interdisciplinary approach, combining his civil engineering expertise with nuclear technology, showcased the breadth of his intellectual prowess.


Academic Tenure at Coventry University: In 20 years at Coventry University, Peter left an indelible mark on both students and the field of civil engineering. As Professor Emeritus, he imparted his wealth of knowledge to countless aspiring engineers, teaching Civil Engineering Materials and delving into ground-breaking research.


Pioneering Research and Publications: Professor Claisse's scholarly impact is epitomized by his authorship of over 100 publications. Among his notable works is the Woodhead title "Transport Properties of Concrete: Measurements and Applications," a seminal contribution to the understanding of concrete transport processes. His research extended to the utilization of secondary materials in cement, showcasing a commitment to sustainable practices in construction.


Diversified Passions: Beyond the realm of academia and engineering, Professor Claisse embraced the art of boat building in his spare time. His craftsmanship and passion for wooden boats were evident in the vessels he meticulously constructed, a testament to the multifaceted nature of his interests.


Legacy and Personal Attributes: Beyond his professional achievements, Peter was admired for being considerate, multicultural, peace loving and a loving family man. His legacy endures through the students he inspired, the advancements he pioneered, and the transformative impact he made on the understanding of construction materials.

Passing: Professor Peter Claisse bid farewell to the world in December 2021, leaving behind a legacy that continues to shape the future of civil engineering and construction materials.


This biography serves as a tribute to a remarkable individual whose contributions will forever resonate in the academic and practical realms of construction and materials engineering.

Technical session on Tuesday 11th June 2024


Session chair: Professor Essie Ganjian, Concrete Corrosion Tech Ltd. Managing Director, UK


Session presenters:


Dr. Ibrahim Shaaban, University of West London, Uk.

Title: Permeation characteristics and durability aspects for sustainable concrete.


Prof. Juan Lizarazo-Marriaga, Universidad Nacional de Colombia sede Bogotá, Colombia.

Title: Obtention of the chloride diffusion coefficient of fly ash blended concrete through resistivity modelling.


Dr. Morteza Khorami, Coventry University, UK.

Title: Influence of curing temperature on the hydration and mechanical properties of calcined clay mortar.


Dr. Messaoud Saidani, Coventry University, UK.

Title: Enhancing the properties of expanded polystyrene lightweight concrete: coating eps aggregates with fly ash and evaluating density using Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity (UPV).


Dr. Arpit Goyal, Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology, Patiala, India.

Title: Exploring the potential of stubble waste biochar as a sustainable construction material.


Prof. Abdulahi Ahmed, Canterbury Christ Church University, Kent, UK.

Title: Assessment of compressive strength performance of corn cob ash blended concrete: a review.


Prof. Shuli Liu, Beijing Institute of Technology, China.

Title: Oriented thermal conductive composite phase-change material enabled by oriented expandable graphite skeleton for heat storage.